Get to know Us!

Hello guys,

Toy Rush Store would like to welcome you to our shop where you can find satisfying slime and toys!! 

My  name is Cesar and my wife is Noemi and we are the owners of Toy Rush Store,  I would like to tell you a little about our journey of being owners of a toy shop. We opened our first shop Albuquerque in Oct of 2017 we have been dedicated to provide our customers with the best selection in the most trendy toys. We started carry squishes, slimes, mesh balls, all the trendy toys that you see on youtube and Instagram. In the summer of 2018 we decide to start our own slime shop.. and well let me tell you we failed a handful of times( and try so much failed slime) but we were dedicated to make it work and finally after a lot of trail and error we launched Toy Rush Bella Slimes. Bella Slimes is named after our 1yr old german shepherd fur child. We make all of our shop Slimes and its been a great journey to see what a great community we have built around our shop. 


We will be closing our Cottonwood Mall Location to be able to provide you with a better online shop and customer support team. Thank you for supporting our dream and its a joy to serve you.


Toy Rush Store is made of a great team that has been with us thru it all.

Our Albuquerque Team 

Magaly- fun and energetic, always ready to have some fun

Abby- an artistic soul- amazing momma and sister

Jenni- positive, caring- and loves to show testers


Our Phoenix Team

Jessica- friendly, always smiling, and an amazing momma bear

Alejandra- Funny, outgoing and Magaly's work bbf 


We hope that when you come to our stores or by watching and following our instagram and Youtube you can see what a great team we have.


Thank You for your support.


Cesar & Noemi