Mewkledreamy Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Cover and Strap 16.9 fl oz - Pink

  • You will certainly want to bring along your favorite beverage in this nifty Mewkledreamy stainless steel water bottle. An insulated pink sleeve covers your water bottle to ensure that your beverage stays hot or cold longer. The handle and adjustable carry strap are convenient to help take it around anywhere. This is both a practical and ideal gift for collectors, your family or just for yourself.  

    • Authentic Sanrio
    • Stainless Steel construction
    • 16.9 fluid oz
    • All Pink water bottle with Mewkledreamy design
    • Removable pink insulated sleeve with a handle, adjustable carry strap and Mewkledreamy design 
    • Locking mechanism on the pink-colored top helps prevent your beverage from spilling
    • Simple spout lid for easy one-handed drinking

    Who is Mewkledreamy?

    Mewkledreamy, or "Mew", is a fluffy purple kitten, who is sweet, kind and afraid of dogs. She has white paws and is usually wearing a plaid bow with a pink tie and white collar. Mew has a small yellow star on her left ear and loves music and napping. Her favorite color is pastel violet.