Flora Compendium of Materia Medica Blind Box


In the depths of the elf forest, there is an ancient and mysterious ancient magic book. One day, the elves living deep in the forest met in front of the magic book. The curious and mischievous elves decided to open this cheat book together, hoping to see the magic and mysteries of the ancient book!
The ancient book called "Compendium of Materia Medica" was finally opened. At this time, the ancient book emitted a strong and dazzling light...
When the elves began to open their eyes, they found that they had come to a brand new world. It turned out that they were influenced by the magic in the ancient book, and came to the legendary world of herbal elves in the book!
The city in the sky where honey is collected from the clouds; the contract between the lotus elves and the river spirits; the secrets at the bottom of the mysterious deep sea. . . The legendary kingdom of elves, magical herbal elves, and strange ancient medicinal materials! The elf's adventure and exploration journey begins!


1. There are 12 regular designs and 2 hidden designs to collect.

2. The production ratio of hidden mini-figure (Ink Jade Pearl, White Jade Pearl) is 1/120.

Product Content: Each blind box contains one mini-figure and corresponding ID card.