#GETFLOATY Giant Hello Kitty Bow Inflatable Pool Lounge | XL Water Float for Adults.

$36.99 Regular price $59.99
  • STAYS UPRIGHT. Well built so it floats, evenly balanced like a raft, even with a full-grown adult riding it in complete relaxation above water. Now you can go tanning under the warm sun without worrying of toppling over.
  • EASY INFLATE/DEFLATE. This beach floaty comes with a specially built Rapid Double-valve System which simply means quicker and more convenient inflating! On top of that, this same unique feature also helps keep the pumped air from leaking, enabling these top-rated floaties to stay inflated longer.
  • NON-IRRITANT. It's only natural to be keen in using products that won't cause skin, or any other irritations, for that matter. Good thing that these cute lake rafts are consciously constructed with BPA-free, non-Pthalate, non-toxic material. That way, you can have the best fun there is at the party - not having to worry of anything other than just having fun!
  • KAWAII. Blow it up, and see that familiar red bow come to life. Want to be a head turner in your beach party? These swimming loungers are the best for that job! Whether you're playing games with it, of floating in the water with it, or maybe even just having it as one of your party accessories, no person in the party can help it but notice these floaters!