MHA What's Your Quirk Titan Mini-Figure

  • What's your Quirk?
  • Mini-figures based on the anime series My Hero Academia!
  • Look for "Deku" Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Tsuyu Asui, All for One, and more!

Based on the beloved anime series My Hero Academia, these sensational mini-figures feature Titan Merchandise's signature detailed photo-realistic head-sculpts coupled with a dynamic body-form. Packaged in individual window-boxes, they stand about 3-inches tall and come with character-specific accessories. You're gonna want them all!

This MHA What's Your Quirk Titan Mini-Figure Display Case of 18 contains 18 randomly selected, individually blind-packaged mini-figures that might include:
"Deku" Izuku Midoriya
Katsuki Bakugo
Tsuyu Asui
Fumikage Tokoyami
Nina Ashido
Shoto Aizawa
All for One
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(subject to change)

Please note: Item selection is random. We cannot accept requests for specific items, nor can we accept returns on opened items. You may receive duplicates. Ages 15 and up