Pan’s Colorful Paradise

Pan's Colorful Paradise Series 1 Blind Box Vinyl Figure:

Pan is a cute baby with small freckles on his face, a hat, and a cute expression. How long have you not been to the amusement park with your loved one? Are you still looking forward to meeting your loved one on the Ferris wheel and carousel? Yes, we have grown up and become no longer willful and childish, but the elves deep in our hearts have never left. Those lovely elves are waiting for the arrival of a magical kingdom! This time, Pan takes us back to the colorful paradise, looking for the lost happiness! Pan has a dreamy color scheme of macarons. In the colorful park, there are bumper cars, rocking music, circus, magician, rainbow slide...Here, it is an amusement park exclusively for itself!

The Pan's Colorful Paradise Series Blind Box Vinyl Figure includes 1 randomly packaged vinyl figure.