PikoPig Dessert Series Blind Box


A long time ago, there was a group of greedy, playful and tricky pig elves called Piko. Their daily happiness is to find delicious desserts to relieve their greed. One day, the Piko pigs came together to a place called the Kingdom of Sweet Silk. What surprised the pigs was that the palace here was built with chocolate gold coins, the river was flowing with cool soda, and the flowers actually produced many candies. Even the stone has turned into a jelly of Q bombs. As I was writing this passage, Piko pigs sneaked into the kitchen of the kingdom again. They couldn't help but tempted to eat all kinds of desserts. After that, a magical thing happened. A Piko pig has become a colorful and delicious exquisite dessert. Since then, there has been a rumor that the gluttonous piglets have been turned into desserts by magic. The story opened a chapter like this.

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