Rilakkuma San-X Original Sherbet Series Plush - Medium



Inspired by deliciously sweet Sherbet Ice Cream, Rilakkuma changed into a new theme to introduce the Sherbet Series. Rilakkuma is now a cream-colored relaxing bear with yellow on its feet and ears. Still just as soft, with the premium quality that makes these plushies a must-have for collectors.

  • San-X Original Rilakkuma Series plush  
  • 15" Tall Plush - Medium
  • Perfect for play and sleep
  • Surface washable for easy care and maintenance
  • Ages 3+

Who is Rilakkuma? 

This bear costume, known as Rilakkuma came out of nowhere and visited Kaoru’s house one day. Even now without plans, this costume hangs out at her place and disturbs her by not doing anything everyday but gives her some life advice occasionally. Rilakkuma’s favorite food is special sweets from local rice dumpling store and Rilakkuma’s weakness is summer season.